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Anna Westin NORDIC 2.jpg
Anna Westin NORDIC 2.jpg
fashion styling white blouse


As a London of College graduate my career took off as a Junior Designer, but a interest in styling artists led me into the realm of TV/ commercials. At this point I discovered my affinity for character dressing, expanding my work to include costume design for indie features, tv and shorts.


From comedy to period dramas my experience is thorough and multifaceted. I am skilled in sourcing and alts and have a breadth of fabric composition knowledge. This sets me apart to deliver exceptional craftsmanship in every project I undertake.


I highlight the essence of a character by curating looks that authenticity enhance their narrative. My work is an art form that allows me to delve into the psychology of characters, exploring their motivations and histories. By immersing myself in extensive research, I create costumes that adorn cast whilst also contributing to their performances, supporting them to fully embody their roles.

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